Plastic In The Ocean – Pick Up Three Pieces

Walking on the high tideline in Cornwall this January has really highlighted why we all need to engage in reducing plastic waste. Get involved the next time you go to the beach by taking a bag and picking up at least three pieces of plastic to take home and recycle. When you’re done, reward yourself with a coffee and some time to consider where all this plastic comes from?

The restaurant at Lusty Glaze has stopped using straws to support The Last Straw campaign, it’s pro-active and positive and we all need some of that! Be careful what you flush down the loo! wet wipes and Cotton buds don’t biodegrade and are lethal in the marine environment, also next time you shop, stop and think about the packaging! is it all necessary? Ask that question in the shops and start a change which can only be for good!


Take a look at the Video by The 2 Minute Beach Clean. Great Campaign and so so easy for us all to get involved in. #2minutebeachclean

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